Young player's have to develop a love for the game in order to reach their full potential

The importance of working on your soccer skills outside of

organized practice sessions cannot be overlooked!

"Derek Broadley"

Soccer Homework

This course will provide all of the reasons why players must undertake a homework program and as

importantly, will identify the areas for improvement based off the individuals profile. Factors will include: Age-ability-position along with looking holistically into the physical needs and social/psychological needs of young players


The ability to performance skills proficiently and consistently when called upon


The ability to cope with the physical demands of participating in a full game


The ability to interact with coaches players while solving problems during practice and games scenarios

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Derek Broadley

Your Course Tutor

Derek has 30+ years of experience working with players of all ages. Derek will provide each student with the opportunity to explore all areas of soccer development that applies to them as an individual. Once the player understands their needs, a plan can be put in place for them to reach their potential.